Are You Making Radio That’s Worth Stealing?

A question for the radio people: What have you done with your station in the past week that would drive your audience to action? Anything that was actually worth stealing?

Bit torrent logoBy Paul Marszalek

When Google’s parent company, Alphabet, released earnings this week, the company pointed toward YouTube as one of the great revenue drivers.

CEO Sundar Pichal said, “Every single day over 1,000 creators reach the milestone of having 1000 channel subscribers.”

I found that kind of impressive, considering YouTube is largely the realm of amateurs. But even these amateurs are creating content that is compelling enough to drive audience increases.

A mentor, SBR’s John Bradley, once taught me: “If you can skip listening to your radio station for a week, then come back and feel like you haven’t missed anything – you’re headed for trouble.”

This weekend I was listening to a well-known radio station that I hadn’t heard in a while, and I thought, “Man, I haven’t heard this station in years and I feel like I haven’t missed anything.”

Whether you’re a PD, MD, or host, you have to create content that compels the audience into taking action — whether that be listen more, tell a friend, sign onto your social feeds, become a member, or patronize a sponsor.

Obsessing over which one-hit wonder to add this week or pouring over the music log is not going to cut it. Selector Jockeys are a dime a dozen. If this is where you’re putting your time, you’re making a mistake.

You need to create content — even if it’s just a single break — that’s worth stealing.

Originality counts, as evidenced by the stuff that people actually steal, according to TorrentFreak:

Most stolen Movies

Most Stolen TV

Top stolen movie? A foul-mouthed, hyper-sexed, depressed, superhero is #1 and a nineteenth century fur-trapping story is #10. Stolen TV? Dragons and Zombies. And who would’ve predicted Suits?

Notice specifically that no one seems to be stealing Two Broke Girls. It’s a mass-appeal, generic sitcom. It gets audience.

But it’s not worth stealing.

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