Worth Watching – Arcade Fire, Depeche Mode, Other Music Documentary

Arcade Fire goes Pop Up Video, Depeche Mode goes 360, and a trailer from a doc about an iconic NYC record store — all worth watching…

Arcade Fire give themselves the Pop Up Video treatment

Arcade Fire give themselves the Pop Up Video treatment

Depeche Mode experiment with 360 video in their new one for Going Backwards….

We’ll forgive Arcade Fire for their Everything Now concept and imagery, which seems to be channeling a combination of U2’s ZooTV and Pop Mart, because a lot of their fans weren’t alive when those albums came out. Plus, we like them and consumption is a worthwhile topic that keeps asking for artistic comment. Check out the very entertaining Pop Up Video spin on Creature Comfort

There’s a Kickstarter campaign looking to raise 70k for a doc on the greatly missed NYC indie record store Other Music, which reigned from about 1996 to 2016. I loved that place. Once I was shopping there right next to Fred Schneider of the B-52’s. And if you know the store, it was so small that when you say you were shopping right next to Fred Schneider, you really were shopping right next to Fred Schneider.

Multiple brushes with greatness aside, it’s a great story that you can help produce. Check out the trailer for Other Music: The Story of An Iconic Independent Record Store…

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