Who Will Get the Boulder Bump? (Video)

The Triple A Radio Conference carries with it a strong reputation for launching new artists or otherwise taking them to the next level. Here are a few likely beneficiaries…

Lo Moon's Crisanta Baker at WFUV.

Lo Moon’s Crisanta Baker at WFUV.

fmqb-conferenceBy Paul Marszalek

With FMQB’s annual Triple A Radio Conference less than a week away, we take a look at who’s performing, and who’s most likely to get a Boulder Bump.

It’s a strong lineup, with headliners such as Spoon and Portugal. The Man. But for our purposes, we’re looking for artists who are bubbling under — those with critical acclaim, pubradio support, or early adoption at commercial Triple A radio.

Here are four of the better bets who could find themselves in The Top 22…

Amy Shark

We’ve been following Australian Amy (Billings) Shark for a bit more than a year now. With a lot of support from Triple J radio, she broke through, and the track Adore has come extraordinarily close to our own Top 22. We like the idea of playing the long game with Amy. She’ll continue to develop her sound — one that hopefully differentiates her more from fellow down-under-er, Lorde. See her Friday before the Music Meeting.

The New Pornographers

Yeah, it’s a little crazy to put this band in the category of needing a Boulder Bump, but they do. This collective has been around for 20 years making great music and, along with fellow Canadians Arcade Fire, doing what they can to lower the unemployment rate of musicians up north (there will be a lot of people on Thursday’s Late Night stage). With radio-ready tracks delivered on a silver platter in the form of High Ticket Attractions and Whiteout Conditions, from our vantage point, Triple A Radio is absolutely blowing it by underplaying this album.

Lo Moon

If there’s been a little bit of hype surrounding Lo Moon, I’m happy to throw kerosene on the fire. The trio of Matt Lowell, Crisanta Baker, and Sam Stewart (son of Dave), were produced by ex-Death Cab for Cutie member Chris Walla. Although they have released just two singles to date, pubradio has responded, as have crowds at shows. Playing Thursday’s lunch is not the perfect setting for their sound. Regardless, they will be one of the top three bands you see next week in Boulder – and that includes the headliners.

Hippo Campus

Twin Cities pop-rockers Hippo Campus did exceptionally well with their debut EP in 2015. Imagine what they could do with your support? Here’s a live version of Simple Season — it’s what you can expect at Friday’s Late Night Lounge…

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