Mixcloud Offers a Solution for Streaming Long-Form Music Shows

Producers of long-form radio shows have long wanted to post their shows for catch-up streaming, but copyright law has made that difficult. Here’s a possible solution…

MixCloud_LogoBy Paul Marszalek

When it comes to the whole on-demand streaming royalty thing, long-form radio shows have fallen through the cracks.

SoundExchange reporting structure is really built for the Pandoras and the Spotifys of the world. For producers of long-form specialty shows, the process can be arduous. Further, with the recent changes in the law that eliminated the small broadcaster options, it can be financially impossible to stream these shows on-demand.

There is a potential solution in Mixcloud.

We’re not exactly sure how this British niche player failed to get our attention, but the company does offer a legal option for producers.

When uploading a program, producers will need to add appropriate metadata for royalty reporting, but Mixcloud does the rest — offering cloud-based playout with several embed-able player options.

TheBluesmobile Radio Hour, with Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues, recently ended production — but considering its incredible archival interview content, Mixcloud can help the show to live on.

Over the years (the service actually debuted in 2008), artists like Moby have posted DJ sets.

Check out the quality from these two simplified players…

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