What VuHaus/NPR Music’s Slingshot Looks Like

In one of its biggest initiatives ever, NPR Music is collaborating with a group of NON-COMM music stations in an effort to break artists. It’s called Slingshot, and this is what it looks like…

Slingshot logoBy Paul Marszalek

In a classic sum-is-greater-than-the-parts play, NPR Music has teamed with public radio’s VuHaus stations in an effort to take a trip  of artists to the next level.

The endeavor is called Slingshot, and it aims to expose the three to an aggregated audience that reaches into seven figures.

LA’s Lo Moon, Chicago’s Jamila Woods, and Brooklyn’s Big Thief will be the beneficiaries of on-air, online, and event-driven promotion from NPR Music and the more than 20 non-commercial radio stations that make up the VuHaus video-sharing collective.

When originally announced at the NON-COMMvention, it sounded as if the acts would tour together, hitting stations along the way. But that’s not the case. The artists will tour independently, stopping at stations en route whenever logistically possible.

NPR contributes mightily, producing a Tiny Desk Concert, a Weekend Edition feature, Heavy Rotation and other NPR Music features for each artist. Local VuHaus stations deliver regular airplay and embed the artists into their own feature programming.

Here’s what the schedule looked like in the past two weeks (Big Thief activity appears light due to their current European tour):

Slingshot dates

The Triple A format prides itself as a launchpad for artists, many of which cross over to other formats, so the Slingshot concept is a natural — especially among the collegial pubradio crowd. The stations voted on which artists would become part of the inaugural Slingshot trio.

If you’re unfamiliar with Lo Moon, Jamila Woods, and Big Thief, check out them out below…

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