Podcast Listening Appears to Eat Directly From Radio

It’s not a great leap to assume that podcasting eats into time spent with radio. But research shows that it may be much more dramatic than you’d expect…

knight foundationBy Paul Marszalek

Podcast fans listen to less than half as much radio as everyone else, according to research contained in a recently released report.

In an effort to analyze results from Knight Foundation investments, Knight teamed with Lutman Associates and Dot Connector Studio to produce From Airwaves to Earbuds: Lessons From Knight Investments in Digital Audio and Podcasting.

While the findings focus on radio’s need to align itself better with the digital consumer, it included slides from Edison Research’s excellent Infinite Dial report.

One slide in particular shows a dramatic reduction in radio listening among podcast listeners — by more than half.

One would expect podcast usage to shave time away from many types of media. It does, but podcasting disproportionately and dramatically affects radio usage. (click for larger view)

Podcast listners use less radio

Just as Netlfix and Amazon are taking minutes away from other media, especially hurting also-ran cable channels, the often high-end, rich content available via podcasts severely affects radio listening.

View the Entire Report

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