2017 Local Ad Revenue Forecast Revised Slightly Downward; Radio Slips in Rank

BIA/Kelsey’s mid-year local ad revenue forecast predicts continued growth in the years to come, but it will be driven by double digit growth in digital, social, and video…

BIA Kelsey logoBy Paul Marszalek

BIA/Kelsey has released its mid-year forecast for local ad revenue, revising 2017 slightly downward to $147.9 billion – based on a softer than expected start to the year.

Overall, growth in local looks strong, expected to post a nearly 4% compound annual growth rate through 2021 to approximately $174 billion.

The growth, however, will be fueled by nearly 17% growth in mobile, social, online, and video. Traditional media will slip slightly, down .6%

Direct Mail dominates local, taking in $37.1 billion, followed by Local TV at $20.9 billion, and Online/Interactive at $18.6 billion. Newspapers and Mobile will grab $16b each, while Radio slips from the Top 5 with $15.6b.

2017 Local Radio Ad Revenue, in Billions

2017 Local Radio Ad Revenue, in Billions

Direct Mail eats up 1 out of every 4 ad dollars, with Radio grabbing just more than 10% of all local ad dollars

While we’ve long spoken about radio needing to up its digital game, maybe we should be spending more time on figuring out ways to get a piece of that direct mail market.

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