ABC’s Nightline Profiles Jason Flom’s Fight for Justice

The CEO of Lava Records is a founding board member of The Innocence Project, a non-profit that uses DNA evidence to free the wrongfully convicted…

Jason Flom courtesy of ABC News

Jason Flom courtesy of ABC News

By Paul Marszalek

If you’ve been lucky enough to interact with Lava Records’ Jason Flom, you know that he’s someone you want in your corner.

Definitely not a stereotypical music industry player; a very serious person who is concerned about civil society — the justice system in the U.S. in particular.

Flom has longtime been an activist for justice reform – fighting, for example, Three Strikes laws that benefit the prison industry, or simply excessive bail for low-level offenses.

Flom is a founding board member of The Innocence Project, which has used DNA evidence to free some two hundred wrongfully convicted people so far.

Further, Flom uses his Wrongful Conviction podcast to educate. His audience, by default, is made up of potential jurors.

“We have two separate systems of justice in this country, one if you have money and one if you don’t. That is a fundamental inequity that has to be addressed,” notes Flom.

Watch below…

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