Elwood’s BluesMobile a.k.a. The House of Blues Radio Hour to End After 24 Years

The internationally syndicated radio show hosted by Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues will stop production at the end of July. The move comes as the show’s producer battles rare illness…

TBMC LogoBy Paul Marszalek

Elwood’s BluesMobile, originally launched in 1993 as The House of Blues Radio Hour, will cease production this month.

The show’s ability to persist for more than two decades speaks not only to the magic of the Blues Brothers characters created by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, but the true passion for and expert knowledge of the blues genre that Dan and show producer Ben Manilla displayed every week.

Ben Manilla Productions, winner of countless awards including a Peabody, grew the syndicated program to hundreds of commercial radio stations, internationally, and then to non-commercial stations, becoming the biggest syndicated blues program out there.

I worked alongside Ben and radio veteran Mike Henry for many years on TheBluesMobile.com. As a team, with our company Media Mechanics, we took the radio show to digital, created videos that have been viewed millions of times, and even created two live festivals.

The move to wind down comes as Ben continues to recover from a devastating illness, contracting a rare parasite while on his honeymoon in Hawaii earlier this year. Called rat lungworm disease, the parasite is passed via invasive slugs and attacks the brain and spinal cord. Ben’s wife also contracted the parasite but has fared better.

We continue to root for Ben’s recovery.

In a farewell letter, Aykroyd-as-Elwood:

I give thanks to the stations, the sponsors, affiliates, producers, managers, agents, and all those hard workers who put the “business” in show business, and bigger thanks to all the players and fans who keep the show going.  This series, alas, has gone as far as it can go.

There is a crossroads dead ahead. Twenty-four years is a long time without a turn. We may turn left, or right, but we will no longer go forward.  Time for a new direction, a new road.  For us, the end of this one.

And so we leave you to your journey.  Please tip a cold one for us before you continue on your way.  Watch our tail lights as we vanish in the distance, then get back to it.

Remember:  The blues never dies.  It will never run out of road.   That road goes on forever.

And thanks for riding along.





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