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What happens to all those unclaimed royalties? Can you buy your way up streaming playlists? Spoiler alert – Yes!, And a great NYTimes piece on what was playing in Basquiat’s studio…

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Digital Music News logoBy Paul Marszalek

Ever wonder what happens to all those unclaimed royalties? Well they sit. Sort of. Collecting interest. Sort of. More likely, they’re huge pools of money that can be invested by whoever is sitting on them. We love the crew over at Digital Music News, check out Welcome to the Royalty Black Box – the Music Industry’s $2.5 Billion Underground Economy.

Music Business Worldwide logoWe’re starting to think that the whole of the internet is one big con. You may recall that Spotify recently was busted filling up streams with music that they essentially owned, decreasing the amount of royalties they had to pay out each hour. Digital advertising is under fire in a big way (more on that soon), and here’s a great article from Music Business Worldwide that shows just how easy it is to buy your way up on streamers like Spotify. Worth a look is Forget About Fake Artists, It’s Time to Talk About Fake Streams

Times mag logoAnd how about some good old fashioned arts reporting? It’s one of the reasons we actually pay for The New York Times.

Coming this weekend is a great story about the artist Basquiat.

Read Bowie, Bach, and Bebop: How Music Powered Basquiat.


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