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Three think pieces on the state of the music industry – one somewhat rosy, one that warns about what algorithms really mean for us, and one about the five new 800-pound gorillas that want to control entertainment…

By Paul Marszalek

Music Business Worldwide logoAt a recent festival in Hamburg, Germany, Warner Music Group’s Chief Digital Officer and EVP of Business Development, Ole Obermann, offered up 3 Myths About Streaming…And 3 Truths About The Music Industry Today…

blogger-b-logo-vector Don’t know much about the author, who goes by the name Pliable, but he appears to be a classical music radio host. On his blog On An Overgrown Path, Pliable warns about the potential for a creative death spiral that may be induced by algorithms that are obsessed with continuing to serve us stuff we already like. While he points his concern at Classical, it’s really germane to any creative endeavor. Check out Classical Music’s Biggest Problem is that No One Cares

newyorktimes-logo The five big tech companies are obsessed with the entertainment industry. Do they want to control it? Do they see it as the lifeblood that guarantees the use of their platforms? Can they succeed? Or just succeed in complete disruption? An interesting conversation starter in The Frightful Five Want to Rule Entertainment: They Are Hitting Limits…

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