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See how I did that? A click-bait headline! That said, The Atlantic’s “How to Survive the Media Apocalypse” is an excellent read about the ongoing crash of digital media, and the parallels that crash has with radio’s troubles…

The Atlantic logoBy Paul Marszalek

I am not a luddite. I do love digital.

But I never quite bought into the whole digital utopia thing at the same level as did so many “digital natives.”

What I did buy into, and bought in big-time, was to Bob Garfield’s 2009 book The Chaos Scenario.

Longtime readers of this site know that I have long, and repeatedly, warned of the dangers of a CPM ad model in a universe of ever-expanding advertising options.

We all know what happened to newspapers, then radio, then TV as digital options became increasingly available — and increasingly sexy — to ad agencies.

And now that fun has spread to digital itself. Across the board, they’re getting hammered.

Issues include the garbage-in/garbage-out “content” from Facebook that is largely responsible for our current episode of Government Gone Wild, and the click-bait driven see-what-these-child-stars-look-like-now articles.

But is also SSE — Same Sh*t Everywhere. Take for example, Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed’s growth actually came from a spinoff called Tasty — those superfast food prep videos you see in your Facebook feed. They’re great, we’ll agree. But now they’ve been copied, hijacked, and are everywhere. SSE.

The Atlantic puts it perfectly:

While some of them (digital publishers) used venture capital to build the foundation of a distinctive editorial voice or entertainment platform, others used it to produce the equivalent of content confetti—fast, flimsy, and forgettable morsels, blasted from the CMS cannon, which upon inspection were less journalism than Millennial Mad Libs: “[Number] Ways That [Google-Trend-Generated Subject] Totally Made Us [Past-Tense Verb].”

Sound familiar? Sound like your radio station? Your music label? Content confetti – what a great term.

The intent in linking to this story is not to bash digital. It’s to reiterate that there is no long game in creating disposable content.

Take a look.

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