NPR’s All Things Considered Examines Triple A Radio

NPR’s All Things Considered dedicated five minutes to the Triple A Radio scene yesterday, identifying the format’s musical diversity as well as hit-making potential. If you missed it, listen to the story here…

NPR logoBy Paul Marszalek

In its original form, the story was about how songs make it to the radio in today’s media environment.  As part of that, there was discussion of the existence or non-existence of payola — as well as other practices used to enhance hit-making on the radio.

Ultimately, the story focused on Triple A Radio’s repeated and acknowledged ability to serve as a test-market and ultimately a launchpad for songs that cross to larger formats.

Reporter Allyson McCabe spoke to M. Ward, RED’s Trina Tombrink, KFOG’s Matt Bates, Kevin Rutherford at Billboard, The Current’s Jim McGuinn, and me.

Although the story was carried nationally, sometimes local stations use the block to insert local news stories. If you missed it, check it here…

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  1. Bruce Warren says:

    This “story” was a non-story. It had no point. I’m amazed NPR green lit it.

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