Linkage: New Breed of Label Exec, Best Buy Dumps CDs, and Apple to Overtake Spotify

ICYMI, three good stories about the changing of the executive Label guard, Best Buy and Target perhaps hastening the demise of the CD, and how Apple Music will overtake Spotify in the U.S. …

Variety LogoYou may have noticed that a number of names that you previously really never heard of are suddenly landing in the corner offices of major labels. Many of those names are from the under-40 set.

There’s definitely a changing of the guard underway, and Variety fills us in on the New Breed of [Music] Executive

billboard logoThe sounds of shoes dropping this past week were coming from Best Buy, which will no longer carry physical CDs by mid-year. Target says it’ll carry CDs, but only on what is essentially consignment. Ouch.


Music Business Worldwide logoWhile they’re playing taps for CDs, labels are tapdancing to a flood of revenue from streaming. Sony and Warner are up big-time, $3.8billion and $3 billion, respectively, in 2017. And the paying streaming subscribers keep coming. While Spotify still has a huge global lead, Apple should overtake them in the United States this Summer…

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