Media Consolidation All Over Again: The Video Edition

ReCode has put together a chart of who owns what, and who wants to buy whom in the video world. It goes a long toward explaining the end of net neutrality…

recode logoBy Paul Marszalek

Anyone else notice that Netflix, Hulu, and HBO all bought ads during the Super Bowl? Three companies working to destroy television as we know it, using good ‘ol fashioned TV to get the word out.

It was a smart move — the audience was huge and the stakes are high.

There are billions in play as a dwindling number of behemoth companies angle to swallow up fewer and fewer competitors and complimentary players.

Recode laid it out, showing the size of each distributor, content company, and streaming company. And they show who wants to eat who. For example, Disney ($163b) grabs 21st Century Fox ($68b), and as just a small part of the deal, grabs an additional 30% of Hulu ($5.8b).

As big as these companies are, they’re still dwarfed by the likes of Apple, Google, and Facebook.

But taken together, the sheer tonnage of money talks, which is why net neutrality flamed out at the new FCC.

(Click the image for a larger version)


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