2015 NON-COMM Schedule of Events

All meetings and showcases take place at World Cafe Live, either upstairs or downstairs, unless otherwise noted.
Times, events artists all subject to change.


4-7 PM – Opening Night Party (sponsored by CARS) (upstairs)

7 PM-12 AM – Music Showcases

upstairs (The PRX Stage):          downstairs (The NPR Music Stage):  

 ELLE KING                                      BEST COAST

 RYLEY WALKER                           BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE

 MEG MAC                                       SHELBY LYNNE

 HOUNDMOUTH                              DR.DOG

12-2 AM – “Rhythm Lab Live” (late night after party – sponsored by co-sign) (upstairs) – co-sign presents “Rhythm Lab Live” – OPEN BAR FOR INDUSTRY ATTENDEES!  Inspired by one of the most innovative and creative specialty shows on AAA radio today, “Rhythm Lab Live” is a party designed to motivate and intoxicate (literally). This event is designed to showcase new music that may not sound like what you imagine when you think of non-comm or AAA radio, but these records (despite their electronic, hiphop, or international vibes/nature) most definitely work on air next to your favorite rotation records. Music for the evening will be curated by Rhythm Lab creator and founder Tarik Moody, WYMS Music Director Jordan Lee, and our special guest WFUV PD and host of “The Whole Wide World” Rita Houston.  Cocktails provided by Ninja Tune, Big Dada, Counter, Rhymesayers, Ineffable Music, Family Artists and co-sign…


8-10 AM – Breakfast (upstairs) (courtesy of Columbia Records & 300 Entertainment)

9:30-10:30 AM – Meeting (upstairs) – “Competing with the Devil” – increasingly, non-comm music stations in numerous markets are facing commercial station competition with overlapping formats. This is not only competition for listeners but for artists as well.  This panel will include both the station and label perspective.

10:45-11:45 AM – Meeting (upstairs) – “Engaging Younger Audiences” –  on radio, digital platforms and events. What’s working and what’s not?

11:45 AM – Lunch Available (upstairs) (courtesy of ATO Records & Red Light Management)

12-1 PM – “Free At Noon” – Music Showcase (downstairs) (The NPR Music Stage)



1:15-2:45 PM – Meeting (upstairs) – the “NON-COMMversation” – WXPN’s Dan Reed interviews NPR President JARL MOHN

3-4 PM – “World Cafe” taping session with WYNONNA JUDD (upstairs)

4-7 PM – Open Dinner Period

7 PM-12 AM – Music Showcases

upstairs (The PRX Stage):          downstairs (The NPR Music Stage):   

 SON LITTLE                                    J.J. GREY & MOFRO

 BØRNS                                             BLUES TRAVELER

 SAUN & STARR                              GLEN HANSARD




8-9:30 AM – Breakfast (upstairs) (courtesy of the Concord Music Group)

9:30-10:30 AM – Meeting (upstairs) – Concurrent Meetings

“VuHaus” – (upstairs) The new collaborativemusic video service from seven of the leading AAA NON-COMM stations debuts the week of this conference. What’s it all about and how can artists and other stations participate?

“Community Broadcasting” – Some of the most important work in the format is being done at small community based stations. This annual session will focus on common issues and opportunities. (WXPN’s Curren Conference Room/)

10:40-11:40 AM –  “The Edges” – While most non-comm stations have a basic sound and format that carries through most of schedule and provides most of their listening hours, they all carry specialty shows. These shows, often on weekends, attract specific, loyal audiences that may vary demographically from the primary music mix. What is the value of these programs?  Which genres tend to work better than others?  How do they help fulfill our mission?

11:30 AM – Lunch Available (upstairs) (courtesy of Atlantic Records)

12-2 PM – “Free At Noon” – Music Showcase (downstairs) (The NPR Music Stage)



2:15-3:30 PM – “The Music Meeting” with SEAN COAKLEY of Songlines (upstairs)

3:30-7 PM – Open Dinner Period

7 PM-12 AM – Music Showcases

upstairs (The PRX Stage):          downstairs (The NPR Music Stage):  

GAVIN JAMES                                                       JAMES MC MURTRY


LEON BRIDGES                                                     TALLEST MAN ON EARTH

ANDERSON EAST                                                  ISRAEL NASH


Copyright 2015 Paul Marszalek Worldwide, Inc.

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